KPMG India
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. KPMG India is one of the leading providers of risk, financial services and business advisory, internal audit, corporate governance, and tax and regulatory services.

As such, the Firm’s library has a large number of professional users spread across the country who require the latest authentic information in print or transmittable format, usually on real-time basis. The Firm of course had an existing system run by trained professionals, and our assignment was to review and upgrade it to make it more efficient. Our service offering at KPMG therefore comprised Collection Development, improvising the Library software, devising a Classification system, bar-coding the Collection and re-planning the layout of the Library area. We also documented the procedures involved in the day to day functioning of the Library.


National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) operates a nation-wide electronic market, offering trading in Capital Market, Derivatives Market and Currency Derivatives segments including equities, equities based derivatives.

We were assigned the task of revamping the NSE Library at Exchange Plaza. We provided an end-to-end comprehensive service offering, covering all the Library activities, from preparation of a Collection Development Policy to Book-ordering, Classification, Weeding-out old collections, Documenting Library Procedures and Subscriptions to Online Databases.


Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai

ICICI Bank is India's largest private sector bank. The bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its group companies.

Studio Library

The challenging assignment involved setting up and populating a Studio Library system for the Bank. ICICI Bank with its vast gamut of activities is always in the news. Over 15,000 video clippings relating to its media presence were viewed, shortlisted for archiving, summarized and tagged with appropriate keywords.

We prepared an exhaustive thesaurus of keywords for easy reference and retrieval of the clippings. The thesaurus has proved extremely user-friendly as users are able to retrieve the desired clippings with maximum ease.

Magazine Archives

The coverage of ICICI Bank and its head honchos in various magazines was archived by creating a digital copy of the articles and assigning keywords to each of them.

Newspaper Archives

KMLC has also archived the Newspaper collection at ICICI Bank. This involved creating a database of newspaper articles on ICICI Bank and its Senior Management covered in newspaper across the country, mainly in English newspapers, but a few important articles even in other languages.

The articles were scanned and stored digitally with a fixed set of keywords assigned to each entry for quick retrieval.


Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd.
Colaba, Mumbai

Shapoorji Pallonji, is one of India’s leading construction giants with operations across the globe. It is also the oldest Indian construction company having a rich legacy of 140 years.

We were invited to revamp the Library at the headquarters of the company. Our solution comprised streamlining and automation of the Library system. Dewey Decimal Classification system was used for classifying the Library collection which mainly consisted of books on Civil Engineering, Construction, Architecture and Management.


Nehru Centre
Worli, Mumbai

Nehru Centre, Mumbai, is a unique organization established to promote the great ideals of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Its main objectives include inculcation and promotion of science, new social values, national integration, self-reliance and rational outlook on life.

The Nehru Centre Library houses over 20,000 books, bound volumes and newspaper clippings. KMLC was involved in the process of automating the Nehru Centre Library catalogue using KOHA Open Source Software.

The most challenging part of this assignment was to locate the urls of 8000 journal articles and add these links to the catalogue entries. While cataloguing the books, we also provided the links to Google books which helps in giving the user more details to the books like index page, abstracts and in some cases even introduction and a sample chapter.


MCubed Library (Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Public Library)
Bandra West, Mumbai

Children’s Library

Setting up a Children’s Library in 2 months!!! This was KMLC’s challenge posed by three young ladies out to fill up the lacunae in Libraries for kids.

The software was installed, the abridged version of Dewey Decimal was further abridged, a colour coding scheme devised to segregate the books age wise and cataloguing commenced. As we set about processing the books, the shelves were being done up, walls painted by young Warli artists, membership forms and Library Identity cards designed, promotional material prepared and distributed.

As we neared the launch date, young school kids enthusiastically assisted us over the weekends stamping the books and pasting due date slips. We soon found the shelves filling with books colour coded, spine labeled and crisply jacketed. The new Library Manager was trained and lo MCubed Library was ready for the launch.

Library for 16+ users

On the first anniversary of the launch of the Children’s collection at MCubed Library, we launched its collection for the 16+ age group. Now MCubed is a full fledged Library catering to book lovers young and old.


Firestone Diamond
Worli, Mumbai

An interesting off-beat assignment has been to efficiently put together a scattered private collection of over 3000 books of the CEO of Firestone Diamond.

The collection was diverse, ranging from books on gems and jewellery to coffee table books, from business management to religion and cookery. We provided a solution using an Open Source Library software.


Ryewood International School

Ryewood International School, established in 2001, is now recognized as one of the best schools in Lonavala. We were called upon to set up a State-of-the-Art Library for the School.

The project solution that we devised comprised appropriate selection and attunement of a classification scheme based on the school’s requirements. The classification and shelf-arrangement was designed keeping in mind the school’s growth plans and future requirements.

Such a Library system would normally require a qualified Library professional to run, but it was difficult to get one in Lonavala. The highlight of our service offering was to successfully train a non-professional Library staff to smoothly run this International School’s state of the art Library.


St Joseph’s Convent Primary School
Bandra West, Mumbai

The school had a collection of around 4000 books. It maintained manual records of serially numbered books and operated a manual system of Circulation. The school desired to replace this with a computerized and streamlined system of recording and operations.

Keeping in mind the nature of the users, our team devised an easy to use classification scheme for them. We purchased and installed a suitable Library software, catalogued the entire collection and weeded out old and unused books.

The books are now being tagged and shelved according to the new user-friendly classification scheme, which is being very satisfactorily operated by themselves.

"Book lovers will understand me, and they will know too that part of the pleasure of a library lies in its very existence."

- Jan Morris.