Services - To Corporates

Our services to Corporate Offices and Professional Institutes include planning and designing new libraries, inter-linking branch libraries, and refocusing the existing collection. We assist Corporates and Professional Institutes in developing their Knowledge Management Database and look after their Knowledge Outsourcing needs. An overview of our services is given below. The services can be tailored according to your requirements.

Knowledge Management Consulting

  • Studying the Information Flow of the Organization / Form of Knowledge Generated
  • Creating / Purchasing Knowledge Management Software for tapping the Information
  • Identifying the current and past knowledge to be tapped in the database
  • Disseminating the Knowledge in the form of newsletters on daily / weekly basis
  • Creating Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Discussion Forums

Library and Knowledge Outsourcing

  • New Library setup or existing Library redesign
  • Day-to-day running of the Library which includes purchasing and circulation of documents
  • Annual stock verification
  • Dissemination of Information by scanning online resources subscribed by your Institution
  • Knowledge Management Database set-up and regular updation

New Library Setup

  • Planning and designing the Library area.
  • Needs assessments, space analysis, furniture and equipment layout and design
  • Allocating the Library Budget
  • Preparing Library rules
  • Planning and implementation of Library services
  • Collection development - Books, Journals, CD-ROMs; DVDs and Online Databases
  • Ordering Library materials using reputable, established publishers and vendors
  • Tracking orders, dealing with vendor issues when necessary
  • Choosing the appropriate Library software
  • Deciding on a user-friendly Classification scheme
  • Cataloguing the entire collection
  • Barcoding the collection
  • Arranging Library documents on shelves
  • Preparing Shelf-guides for easy retrieval of documents
  • Training Library staff

Revamping Existing Library

  • Creating, or updating, written collection development policies
  • Evaluating existing collections for relevance and currency
  • Collection development including weeding out of old and unused materials
  • Ordering new materials using reputable and established publishers and vendors
  • Tracking orders, dealing with vendor issues when necessary
  • Converting manual catalogue to automated Library catalogue
  • Existing Library services evaluation and feasibility studies for introducing new services
  • Redesigning the Library area for optimum utilization of space
  • Studying the user-friendliness of classification system and changing the same if required

Inter-Linking Libraries at Multi-Locations

  • Standardized classification scheme for all Branch Libraries
  • Standardized procedures for cataloguing Library materials
  • Networking of all Libraries through Library software
  • Web-based Library Catalogue to be hosted on Corporate Intranet

Library Security System Planning

  • Selection and purchase of automated materials handling system for libraries
  • Selection and installation of RFID system
  • Bar-coding Library documents
  • Smart Card/Biometrics/Bar-coded ID cards
  • Software use training for Library staff

Services to Schools & Colleges

  • Library Security System Planning
  • New Library Setup
  • Revamping Existing Library

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